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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

More Gripes (while I fret my writer's block)

1. So guess what woke me up at 7:32 am this morning?

Here're some clues:

a. Beep-beep beep-beep.

b. Where for new meeting?

c. What time?

d. Confirm?

And all I ever did was to agree to help.

2. The persons engaging in late-night tete-a-tetes on one of the stairway landings in my block who so obviously lack the consideration and basic courtesy to clear away the crap they had been eating and drinking in between deep-tongue action and groping.

3. That we should always use euphemisms to make any job look more attractive: Bus Captains (bus drivers), Conservancy Owner Operators (cleaners), Vice President (bank lackey)...

4. Cleaners, sorry, COOs who so lack self-esteem that when someone makes a grumpy sound because he had walked all the way across wet/ damp flooring towards the exit of Plaza Singapore (where the taxi stand is) only to find it locked that they assume that the sound was directed at them. Who then proceed to defend themselves (poorly!) against the evil throat-clearing bourgeoisie man who had just oppressed them.

5. Bank telemarketers who find it mystifying that someone who has three credit cards in his name would not want to take advantage of the low low interest rates his bank is offering because, gasp, he has been a really good boy when it comes to paying his bills.

6. Writer's block!


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