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Monday, May 31, 2004

Huh? Baking Powder?

It's probably not a good idea to be driving a cab when you're sleepy and deaf.

Like today's cabbie:

"Siglap Centre, please."


"Siglap Centre, yes."

"Siglap Road?"

"No Siglap Centre."

"Siglap Centre?"


"Siglap Road?"


And five minutes later when I was about to alight:

"Where do I drop you off?"

"Turn left at the light first."

"Turn right?"

"No, turn left."


"At the light."

"Turn right?"

Fortunately I could fall back on teacher training and speak in my I'll-say-this-slowly-using-simple-words-so-you'd-understand voice and tone meant for 4-year olds, parents of students and school administrators:

"At the traffic light. Turn left. Then stop at the entrance to the first car park."



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