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Friday, May 21, 2004

Now this is worth reading the news for...

This rather fun article was in today's Straits Times:

Unfaithful Men More Likely to Die During Sex

BERLIN - Having an affair can be deadly.

According to a German study, unfaithful men are more likely to die during sex than their loyal counterparts.

After poring through nearly 30,000 post-mortem cases, researchers at the Centre for Forensic Medicine noticed 56 cases of men who died of heart attacks during sex.

Only one in four died in the arms of his wife or partner.

'More than half of them lived their last hour in the arms of a lover or at the brothel,' the Bild der Wissenschaft magazine reported.

The remainder died in the act of masturbation.

The researchers could only speculate on why a disproportionate number died with lovers than with partners, suggesting that it may be because they were putting extra strain on their system by trying harder. -- AFP

Well, if I could choose the way to go... like that little vignette from Monty Python's 'Meaning of Life'.


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