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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Updates from the Pacific Northwest

Still safe.

Still alive. About 1200 photos (pretty ones, Chris, gasp!) of the region so far and counting.

Not a bad trip, but I wish I had more time to spend along the Oregon Coast. Took about 300 photos in about 3 hours while still in Newport, Oregon, before the batteries died on me and I couldn't continue. I would have stayed an additional night there if we weren't travelling with other people (Dan and Sprite, to be specific). And I wouldn't have the car either so moving about in Newport would have been a problem; but not too much -- the beaches are beautiful. Unfair thing about it is that Oregon gets the best beaches I've seen so far (much better than Waikiki) but the bloody weather prevents people from enjoying them.

Consolation is, the missus has decided that we could take two months off for us to 'see' all 379 miles of the coast. I'm thinking autumn or spring (should get more dramatic skies and weather during this time). Not summer. Too many people and airfares won't be cheap.

Anyway, have bought about 16 DVDs so far. Will be getting more from Borders tomorrow (where DVDs are, on average, USD14.99 and every three DVDs gets me one more for free -- can't get these kinds of deals in Singapore).

Everyone else is watching 'Before Sunrise' downstairs now. And no matter how liberated I'd like to think I am, I still can't stomach too many chick flicks. So I'm upstairs with a couple of fat cats and on the internet.

We leave in about five days. Not looking forward to returning to Singapore after all these days. (Days. Pfft! Used to be months -- now I'm trapped by days).


Updated at 22:12 pm PST, 12 June 2004:
Oh yeah, will probably be about 5 kg heavier by the time I get back. Had completely forgotten about the serving sizes here and all the good food we can get here.

I mean, this is the land of huge prawns, not that crappy shrimp restaurants have the gall to call Tiger Prawns in Singapore.

And the steaks? Heavenly.

Yeah. Definitely. Fatter.


Well, it's official. My hair's gone from blue to green and now all the colour's gone, so all that's left are the bleached parts.

So I'm kinda beng-like now.

Will go to a better colourist when we return. I'm thinking Midnight Blue.


  • At 5:50 AM, June 19, 2004, Blogger SilverBullet said…

    Gosh, I miss Seattle. :(

    Tax free shopping in Oregon sounds good.

    I hope you guys picked up some cheap CF cards while you were there.


  • At 8:33 AM, June 20, 2004, Blogger Terz said…

    Yeah, well, we were hoping you'd message us or leave another comment on YM's blog so that we could arrange to meet up -- we were, after all, staying with friends in the Redmond area as well, and did our prerequisite tour of the Microsoft campus while we were there.

    End of the year then, I guess.

  • At 9:59 AM, June 23, 2004, Blogger SilverBullet said…

    The husband's work trip to Seattle morphed into a trip to Germany which morphed into a trip to California. We ended up not going to Redmond. :( So no long afternoons spent reading at Borders for me.

    Will be back in Singapore(if plans don't change again) in September though.


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