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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Which was what I was going for yesterday when I shot at the college again.

What I got was the Moscow Circus.

Seriously. The original idea was for the best representatives from each of the PDPs to show up and I shoot them being garang/ gungho. The best two (max 4 representatives), that is. I got, in some cases, 16 in total, which kinda screwed up my scheduling. Which didn't leave me time to set up the lighting better. And having more than four people in a shoot at once, with three lights? That's a nightmare.

When I could, I did manage to shoot the set-ups I wanted, except, once again, the Boys' Rugby team. Dang. They could have had the best shot, seeing that the set-up had been in my head for the longest time.

Still quite happy with the results and the pics should look good blown up to 18 in x 18 in. I've been asked if there'll be prints for sale to the kids. You know, after what they've told me about my rates, I'm not even sure they could afford what these prints will go for, especially if it's going to be up on the walls of the college for posterity and where, obviously, the print run will be severely limited. Pricing is going to be tricky.

Two more classes ordered their photos yesterday and a CT woke me up this morning to arrange a time for me to pop by the college tomorrow so that she could place the orders for her class. They're all coming in dribs and drabs, but hey, not complaining. But tomorrow will be the last day I'll make visits down to the college to take their orders: they've had, what, three weeks to decide, one additional week to look for me and three separate days to submit their orders. The next time I go down, it'll be to give them their prints. By then, the price will have definitely gone up.

Oh yea. Verily, I tell you, I shall add the additional cost of the last two weeks unto thee.


  • At 9:58 AM, July 23, 2004, Blogger Tym said…

    If the kids really want the prints, you should charge more than the Yearbook pictures. After all, these were taken for advertising purposes, not (somewhat) sentimental reasons like the latter. We never give copies of our advertising/corporate pictures to our subjects. At the most, they get a copy of the publication where we used the shot. On the other hand, we are known for cutting every corner we can...


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