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Sunday, August 01, 2004


At dinner last night:

"Next time, say, 'Excuse me!'"

From the guy who, despite being this particular about courtesy, was eating with his mouth open throughout his meal and making sucking noises to clear whatever gunk was stuck in his teeth.

Slurp... gag... tchsssk... "I tell you ah, waitresses here are so rude..." slurp... tscssk...


"Cannot lah! Everyday cannot eat raw food! Unhealthy!"

Yes, and the Japanese live to 120 because of the minerals in their water.


"I tell you, don't work so hard you know! Even when your boss tells you to, you must say that you're already busy and cannot already..."

And in the same breath to a passing waitress with several trays of food: "Eh, hurry up! We want to order."


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