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Friday, August 06, 2004

Weeeee Are the Champions

For this month anyway.

Attended our first pub quiz last night at my favourite watering hole and after five rounds of questions, we were tied for first at 38 correct answers. Believe it or not, in a team of 5 guys, our lowest scoring category happened to be Sports. Of course we didn't care for some of the questions in that category like, "Who came in SECOND in the recent Tour De France?" for which our answer was, "Frustrated dude with a bike." Or the clincher (for 5 bonus points): "Who plays Cardiff Football Club on Fridays and Welsh Rugby on Sundays?" - the blank stares from Dan, Mr B* and G told me we were screwed for that round. We did give it a shot though, said Catelonia.

Turns out it was the Salvation Army Band.

So we had a tiebreaker round. And ten questions and five more correct answers later (bringing our total to 43), our entry fees ($10 per team of 4) go to the RDA and we get a whole bottle of Absolut Blue. As a gesture of goodwill, we gave out shots to the rest of the pub.

Not a bad night, if I do say so myself. Can't wait for next month's quiz.

* Mr B will now also be known as Mr Chalky Norwegian, for thinking he knew the correct answers to two questions (they were) but keeping silent and going with our wrong answers of France (for "Which European country is mediating between the government and Tamil Tigers on Sri Lanka?") and Shell ("What does Crustaceous mean").


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