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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Amazing Reality Series

The Amazing Race is just about the only one (reality TV series) I can stomach nowadays.

And come August 9, 2004, I'm taking cover from 'Singapore Idol'.

With just about half the season gone, I'm beginning to have some impression of the remaining racers:

Colin & Christie
OK, they're the least disliked of the remaining racers, so that's a good thing. They are also kick-ass at finding a better deal every chance they get:

"We have the earliest flight out of a country? sure, we'll take it. But find us an earlier flight anyway."

"Later bus, but arrives at the same time? Yep. Why not?"

They don't sit on their laurels like most other teams. The others find a flight and then hunker down and wait for it. Not these guys.

Chip & Kim
Happy racers. Always a good thing. That little thing with the hogging of the cab is a bit perplexing, but understandable, though it cost them some brownie points in my book.

Marshall & Lance
I've to remind myself that they are not the frat boys from the first episode. Those two were nicer and funnier. Sometimes these guys come off as racist or at least classist.

But yelling, "Bitch!" out the window? Classic.

Kami & Karli
Uh, twins. Not very smart. Not very topo-savvy. Seems to be still in the race because of dumb* luck more than anything else. And if one of them says that they are great for the race because they know what the other is thinking and feeling, I'll scream.

* Jumping into the lake and swimming to the Pit Stop instead of walking across? 'Nuff said!

Updated at 20:45 hours:

"We are clueless," says Karli/ Kami. Hey, you said it, sister!

Brandon & Nicole
Cute couple. Good together. Great chemistry between them (still early days). But let's face it, not the very best examples of 'committed' Christians. The king and queen of the temporary alliances and broken promises. Hyeah, because God rewards the devious and unfaithful. And so delightfully lacking in self-awareness.

Linda & Karen
Sqeeeeeee! That's all the impression I get of them. And happy to be racing. That counts. Would love to do something like this, but found out from the website that only Americans need apply.


Mirna & Charla
Where. Do. I. Begin?

“[T]o show the world what I can do and break all stereotypes about dwarfs!” says Charla, pre-race.

And. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. During. The. Race.

Yes, and to do so, every time they need to get a plane or bus ticket or to get bumped up the waiting list, what do they do? "I need a doctor! It's an emergency. Small woman, cannot do this, cannot do that."

Uh, right.

Does that mean your plan is to break the other stereotype of dwarves? The ones about them being independent and capable?

And Mirna? The less said of her the better. Suffice to say: not a pleasant person. And what's with the groping of Phil?

But of course, as that other reality TV series has shown, millionaires can be made of the most asinine, rude and the wrongest people.


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