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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hung Over

Man, I have never been this out of it. Not for a long while. The last couple of days have been spent in some sort of a semi-zombie state and today's no different; in fact, I had to bail on a shoot this morning because I wasn't gonna be up to it (nothing unprofessional though, called earlier to make sure they had someone else to cover).

I blame this on the bunch of bengs from two units away at the resort I was at who partied from 3 am to about 5:20 am.

No, that's no typo: fuckers did start only at three in the morning. Morons. For two-and-a-half hours, the resort was treated (and I use this word with much sarcasm) with a selection of everything they thought was cool music. Bear in mind, please, that these are Malaysian bengs we're talking about, so if anything, their taste in music is somewhat worse than the run-of-the-mill Singapore beng. Way too LC to sleep through. Especially since the idiots were playing the music from their car stereos (!!). With loads of bass and very little else. I was mentally willing the cars' batteries to die out in the middle of the N-S highway somewhere on their way to the ratholes from whence they came.

Where was the resort management when this was happening, you ask? I haven't a fuckin' clue. Even the security people left the place by about midnight and the resort was pretty left to fend for itself (I've an inkling now how people can get kidnapped in this region). So, without redress, I had but to wait for the fuckers to run out of Ecstasy and whatever bull-piss they had for booze before settling back to sleep.

At 5:20 am.



On the other hand, the rest of the trip was awesome.

Great food, especially. Had a barbecue buffet dinner on Saturday and then a kick-ass seafood lunch on Sunday: lobsters like you wouldn't believe, heaped with garlic; bamboo clams; prawns in some herbal concoction; and beer to wash everything down.


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