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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Field Report

Last night was interesting, but having imbibed only two and a half pints, it wasn't interesting enough.

Just about all the excitement happened on the cab ride to the rendezvous point:

1. Cabbie 'thought' I'd wanted to take the ECP, but decided I should take Nicoll Highway instead. Ex-squeeze me? The highway that's closed and won't be open for many, many months? Oh, he says, then we'll take North Bridge Road. Uh, right... that's the route that goes through Geylang? At 8 at night? Right. I don't know think so: Turn off at Tanjong Katong, use the ECP, says I.

2. Going down Tanjong Katong Road, a pair of idiot drivers made a right turn out of the lane to our left, at a snail's pace. Normal. Happens more often than we'd like to admit: morons who look one way but not the other, and then assuming the other way will remain clear while they're in transit. What does my cabbie do? Instead of slowing down and tooting to warn the morons, he speeds up, holds down the horn and narrowly misses the second vehicle.

3. Still on Tanjong Katong Road, my intrepid cabbie, irked by a trailer truck (without cargo), decides he'll pass it with about an inch to spare between the truck to our right and the pavement to our left. At about 70 kph.

4. On the ECP, nearing the Prince Edward Road exit ramp, he was still on the extreme right lane. With fifty metres to spare, we make the exit, cutting through 4 lanes of traffic at breakneck speed and running over the speed grooves on the painted island.

I think after that I haven't needed a drink more in my life.


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