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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Funny how things go...

Been reading the TWOP Forums.

Interesting how people liked Charla and Mirna before the race and as it went on, and the forums, being on page 154 now, fewer and fewer of them do.


On a separate point about assholes: why is that there are still people in Singapore who hang up without saying anything else once they learn that they've got the wrong number? What, no 'sorry'? Not even a 'I got the wrong number'? Just click?

How fucking rude is that?

So, idiot woman who uses the phone number 6552 0825, I have your number. In case you've forgotten: there is this little thing called Caller ID now? Wake up and smell the 21st Century. Expect tons of redirected pranks calls to your number.


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