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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Words words words

Too many, in fact...

I just spent the whole day (well, from noon onwards, which was about the time I woke up) going through A-I in my OED looking for all words ending with 'ism' (don't ask why - work-related, is all).

Tomorrow, I'll try to finish J-Z.

For now, I got a headache.


Updated at 01:19 am:

OK, after another 5 letters (J-N), and with tonight's episode of CSI: Miami playing as white noise in the background, I'm beginning to feel a bit like the Rain Man.

"Egalitarianism... the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all... yeah, finitism, belief in the finiteness of the world... oh yeah, yeah... Ow. Ow. Mesmerism, a hypnotic state produced in a person by another's influence over his will and nervous system... NO!" [whap!] NO! [whap whap whap!]"


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