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Friday, October 15, 2004

Uh, seriously?

Is this really a good idea?

I mean, we're putting the fight against terror in the hands of the most paranoid* bunch of people (OK, maybe, a close second only to the elderly in Singapore) and we're supposed to feel safer about it?

Y'know what? I don't want to be manning whatever hotline they're supposed to use.

And it's really starting to get difficult for photographers to make a living, huh? I'd need a truck (a cheap one, believe it or not), eventually, to cart my equipment around. I'll probably be doing some phototaking around goverment or major buildings. There'll be times when I'll ask cabbies to circle round the block while I run in to get something from a client; especially if it's a government building and there's no parking out in front...

I guess the American paranoia is starting to hit our shores.

* Did I also mention they're also not very good with instructions?

OCT 14, 2004
Cabbies enlisted in terror fight

TAXI drivers are the latest group to be enlisted in the fight to counter terrorism, and their task will be to look out for suspicious passengers and report them to the police.

The police's deputy director of operations, Superintendent Ng Guat Ting, said the 40,000 taxi drivers on the road give the police 40,000 'extra pairs of eyes and ears' on the streets.

Cabbies were asked to help out since they come in contact with a variety of passengers.

To help them, 75,000 pamphlets have been prepared and distributed. These pamphlets list the warning signs that taxi drivers should look out for, including:

- passengers who ask unusual questions, such as where to rent or buy cheap trucks

- passengers who want to go to government or major buildings, then ask the cabbies to circle them without stopping, or who film the buildings

A video has also been prepared for the cabbies that will be played to drivers when they go for refresher courses to help them understand the dangers of terrorism.

The Internal Security Department (ISD) will not stop at the pamphlet and video. It is also considering conducting training courses in counter-terrorism for taxi drivers, and may look into enlisting bus drivers to help.


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