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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Saying everything I want to before the arms give way...

"It's 1906 hours and I feel the fear of cardiovascular exercise pooling at the pit of my belly..." or so sayeth my SMS to the missus.

Back from my first kick-boxing session at Wheelock Place and, damn, I need to exercise more... After 60 punches (on each arm), then 60 combination right-left/left-right jabs, followed by sparring with at least five different partners (two of whom didn't exactly have the control I would have liked of my partners - one of them managed to land a wayward punch - a tap, more like - on my forehead), I'm ready to give away my arms to be replaced. I'll know tomorrow if this is good for me - right about the time I can't lift anything over my head. Or jiggle after I tinkle.

Just as well I don't have anything on tomorrow...

I'll eventually need to decide whether or not I want to continue putting myself through the pain week after week.


The day started not-so-good though. Sat through a screening of test footage from the movie. A very early screening of test footage. Very. Early.

The only perk? Eric Khoo shook my hand and introduced himself. To be fair, it was dark and he probably mistook me for someone important and not just another peon in the hall.

And that's my celebrity sighting/encounter for the day.

One last thing: we were in Hall 3 at Orchard Cineleisure and in the silence of the screening (no sound was recorded), one could easily hear the tinkle from the toilet.

Quite amazing, actually. Or embarrassing, depending on which side of the cubicle door you're on.


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