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Monday, November 01, 2004

All Apologies

Well, I haven't been updating as regularly as I'd like because I've been working (imagine that!).

And it was only today that I found out - quite by accident - that I could get wireless internet connection at my workplace. So, in-between digital processing and printing, I expect to be online most of the time.

What I learnt in the meantime:

1. Even ants won't touch the Filet-O-Fish.

Had a meal delivered to my place on Saturday night because I was too lazy to cook and too naked to go out and I had a shoot in the studio on Sunday and the leftover food was meant to be breakfast/lunch/tea/dinner (whichever is most appropriate for when I first get a break). There were two FOFs and one Big n' Tasty. The ants were attacking the BnT, which was at the bottom of the bag, voraciously. The FOFs were completely untouched.

There's something to think about.

MInME Family 00
Originally uploaded by Terz.

That when photographers get together for a studio shoot, strangeness can happen.

This is even before I mention photographers wearing the pyjamas of someone's parents, attempting to squeeze into a over-small cheongsam and cross-dressing. Did I mention the cross-dressing?

Note: I'm not posting the rest of the series on the blog, but you can see them on my Flog instead. The series starts on 1 November 2004.

3. That I'm not bloody likely to give way to someone on a pedestrian walkway, especially after I see the other person 'lock-on' target and then start inexplicitly 'drifting' into my path. And yeah, I'm so not sorry that you bumped into the hardest part of my tripod. I hope you bruise easily.

4. Speaking of bruises. I just realised today, after my right thumb snapped back - and then loose - while I was attempting to push a electrical plug into the socket, that I've had injuries in almost every part of my body:

Head: concussions x 2, gashed forehead x 3 and lost tooth
Torso: scalding (back-stabbing from colleagues, just kidding)
Upper Arms: right shoulder dislocation x 2
Lower Arms: slashed left wrist (from chiselling accident)
Hands: dislocated thumb, stubbed fingers, broken finger nails
Upper Legs: strained hamstring, dislocated right knee (or is this the lower leg?), CMP
Lower Legs: 6 stud pattern on right shin
Feet: gashed left ankle x 2, stubbed toes (in rusty nails)

Now you know why I don't want to grow old... not going to be a lot of fun on cold nights.

5. That I actually enjoy using the Mamiya 645AFD. Maybe that'll be my next purchase instead.


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