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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Oh the irony...!

A dress code? At My Humble House?


Oct 24, 2004
Look what they make 'sloppy' dressers do
A Sunday Times check shows some restaurants here provide alternative clothing to underdressed customers

By Li Xueying

AT HILTON'S Harbour Grill and Oyster Bar, you have a choice between grey or brown staff trousers and jackets if you turn up underdressed.

Over at Raffles Hotel's Raffles Grill, male guests who turn up in short-sleeved shirts - a no-no - are offered navy-blue jackets.

Designer threads, designed by Allan Chai, are offered at three Tung Lok outlets - My Humble House, Jade and Club Chinois.

Rather than turn away underdressed guests, some hotels and restaurants here are providing 'more appropriate' clothes.


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