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Friday, November 05, 2004

Lunchtime Insanity

So, I had another encounter with the strange man who came by KL's and my table at Delifrance at Bugis Junction all those months ago. While lunching with KC and CY at the coffee shop round the corner from Objectifs, the guy came by and, grabbing KC's arm, proceeds with his spiel, pressing the slip of paper with the 4D number into KC's hand.

He didn't go on on his knees this time. But he did piss KC off with his persistence and clammy hands.

No one budged this time. So he left, heading in the direction of Kim's, walking normally, and then bugging some other hapless couple. He did get down on his knees for them.

And here I was, not more than a couple of days ago talking about the sales tactics (or lack thereof) of the ice cream kids. This, this is just unbelievably... what's the word? Effective. Pressure people into giving you money for 4D numbers they don't want by embarrassing the hell out of them or making them so uncomfortable that they can't wait to give you money so you'd leave them alone. And anticipating that people will not yell because you're supposed to be 'slow'?

Wow. That's some brilliant shit.

I should've taken a picture of him. Would have been interesting to see his reaction.

Next time then.


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