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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

TAR Update Ver 7.6

Damn. What a long 'previously...'


"In my mind, we cannot lose..."

"There's no reason why we shouldn't win again. They might as well write our names on the cheque already."

And immediately, a 9-hour bunch. Karma!

(Let's hope it keeps up.)


Updated 20:23

"I'm telling everyone, we're winning this race..."

And he gets a cut finger. Karma!


Updated 20:28

Pit Stop? Now? Here?

What gives?

Oh wait... police stop. Karma!

There is hope after all, for me following the next season of TAR.


Updated 20:35



Updated 21:01

Yeah, the golf lessons really paid off.

Oh yeah... beg, Rob, beg.


Updated 21:12

OHMYGOD! Best leg ever... they're keeping it really tight this time.

And yes. Cock-up by the winning team... Uh, you know... sign's right there.


Updated 21:25

Aw man! I will never doubt Karma again. SWEEEEET!


Updated 21:32


"I knew everything was going way too smooth..." Oh yeah. You think?

"We gotta make sure that this man is covered..." Uchenna. You the man!

In your face, Mariano!


Updated 03:37

OK... now that I've come down from the euphoria of the ending of TAR 7, I've a question to ask: what's with the Spinal Tap-esque facial hair on the Brothers Amazarov?


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