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Monday, July 25, 2005


Philip and the impatient Youth
Originally uploaded by Terz.

"My name is Philip. I am 82 years old. What's your name?"

"Is it going to rain soon? It looks like it will rain soon. Do you have an umbrella?"

"What's your dialect group? I am Foochow. But I understand Hokkien."

"My wife is looking after my grandson. She'll do it until ten o'clock tonight."

"Thank you for talking to me, you're very kind."

"Are you working or in school?"

"I'm Philip. I'm 82 years old."

"Oh! It's raining. I have a foldable umbrella. Do you want one?"

"Your name is Terence? T-E-R-R-A-N-C-E?"

"What's your dialect group?"

"Thanks for talking to me. You're very kind."

"So, you're a photographer? What camera do you use?"

"What's your dialect group? Mine is Foochow."

"It's raining. Luckily I have a short umbrella."

"How much is your camera?"

"Your name is Terence? My name is Philip. I'm 82."

"Are you in school?"

"Thank you for talking to me. You're very kind."

- snatches of my conversation with Philip, 82, at the Burger King at Parkway Parade. Image taken with my new Nokia 6680.


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