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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gone Surfin'

Originally uploaded by Terz.

OK, will be incommunicado (though I really hope there's an internet connection at the hotel) for the next eight days.

Part of the job is learn to surf. Hopefully, my knees can take the punishment. Though, if it's anything like snowboarding at all, I may actually survive.

Will be on assignment on foreign shores and will not be answering the mobile unless people are really persistent and keep calling - not that people should do that.

Would be good to have a break from the craziness in Singapore.

Very good.


OK, peeve sharing time:

I really don't like it when, at the moment the lights at intersections turn red, people in cars in the rightmost and leftmost lanes cruise (I mean, cruuuuise) to the line, forgetting that there may be others behind them who might be wanting to turn (either via the slip roads or because the green arrow that's blink, blink, blinking to allow them to go right).

Updated 23 November 1224 hours:

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, that's a picture from Bali, not at all where I'm headed, but it seems appropriate somehow. At least until I get the actual pictures from this trip.

Updated 23 November 1249 hours:

As it turns out, the trip may be delayed. Now, I know there won't be a problem re-notifying Mindef about the trip, but I am concerned about the insurance policy which has been paid for and which now, has to be changed or cancelled.



In other news, meet The Blockheads (two links in here).


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