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Sunday, December 04, 2005

A night of Rojak...

Lift Litter
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That's right, Rojak. And then I had some at a nearby coffee shop too, driven there because there wasn't enough space in the living room to accommodate everyone who came and because I have bad knees that don't hold up well when sitting crossed-legged for too long.

But I did get back in time to catch Nic's and Randy's screening of 只要为你活一天. Quite well-received - though it raised some of my hackles when some financial-sector-looking male-type outside (couldn't get back in because of my little excursion for some sustenance) confidently said, "Oh this place, I know it: it's behind Club Street."

Uh, right, whatever.


Was supposed to attend another do-hickey at Loof after Rojak, but I think age has caught up with me and I wasn't really in the mood for more schmoozing.

Plus, I've a 0530 hours call-time tomorrow because of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

Chose to come home and watch a bit of footie while forcing myself to stay awake till noon.


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