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Thursday, July 27, 2006

... Splutter!

It isn't every day that someone who looks like a female version of Hurley from Lost comes up to me at the front of the taxi queue outside the Peninsula Plaza mall, after having gone through the four people behind me to ask for $2 for a bus ride, to give me my time in her limelight and ask for the same $2.

I have ears. I heard the begging already. So I waved her off mid-sentence. Waved and gave a curt shake of my head.

Then as she walks away, she tells me, "You're selfish."

Unfortunately, the quickest comeback I could think of at that moment was, "You're lazy."

Which, technically, isn't true, seeing that she's been spotted by other friends in the same area before, doing the same thing. There's something Protestant about her work ethic in that sense.

She didn't hear or didn't care to respond. The guy behind me just chimed in with, "You're stupid."

And then there was the whole commiseration with everyone in the queue. Quite fun actually, but by then she's moved on to bother other people in the area.


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