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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Still Not My Day Job

But tempting.

Been a bit busy lately - hence the lack of entries. Not shooting, but attending to the other part of what I've been doing since I quit teaching.

My first two reviews are up on the sinema.SG website already, with another due tomorrow (sometimes it sucks to be married to the editor-in-chief - she knows when I'm lying about being busy).

Also, have stopped smoking, which means I'll be damned cranky for the next two months. At least. And gaining weight because I'll be drowning my nicotine urges in alcohol.

Tonight (and a very last minute thing it was too - otherwise, I'd have been at Zouk for the Finals), I'll be at some bar near Boat Quay getting nominated for Best Screenplay. I guess some good came out of this.


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