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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


No, I'm not away from the country (though I wish I were). No, just nothing to talk about.

Not much anyway.

The haze? It happens every year. People have been talking about it. I smoke. I can't complain.

Then again, once this final pack I have finishes, I might be giving the whole 'giving-the-habit-thing-up' another try. I'll complain about the haze then.

Haze 2A

Been on a shoot for the last month and it's ended, so I'm just looking forward to a short break of spending the money I've earned from it.

Still going down to Walas on Thursdays. Every Thursday, if the band's there.

Finished filling up the immigration papers for Canada, so it's up to the missus to print them out before I drop them off at the High Commission sometime this month.

Ink is lush. As lushed as his owner, I guess, when I allow him to lick the spills from the side of my glass.


Too tired to talk about Singapore. Gave it a shot for ten years now. Didn't work out. Not staying.

Haven't raided in WOW in a while too. Too much like work.

I'd rather be drinking.


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