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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Giving Way 1

Giving Way 2

Thank you. Thank you for proving once and for all, why it's fuckin' stressful to want to own a car and to drive oneself around in Singapore. Thank you for not giving way to someone trying to filter into your lane, even though with the light change everyone in the fucking line could have cleared the lights. Even though our signals were on and we were moving into a space not occupied at that moment by any vehicle, because you were stuck behind another asshole who decided to stop his vehicle where he's not supposed to, and only because the angle prevented us from getting into the lane completely, you decided to dare us by driving your piece of crap car right up to the bumper of the car in front of you and then giving us an eyeful (we hope you enjoyed the glares you got in return). Well, fortunately for you, we were hungry and didn't think that the time spent talking to you over an accident would be worth it. We also didn't want to share too much air with you in the vicinity.

Thank you.

If you ever lose your job, you know you can have a brilliant career as a cabbie.


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