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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The saga continues...

After the woefully inadequate time given for the recce and whatever else came as a result of it, today was supposed to be final day of shooting. But of course, this is also the time when everything, including the kitchen sink, hits the fan.

We had just three shots to complete today. The weather started out fine. 'Glorious' is the word I'd use if I were in a better mood now. Then as we were making our way to the third and final location, the sky started turning darker.

Of course it rained. Did anyone think it wouldn't?

So we waited two hours. In the meantime, the driver of the minivan I hired to transport my equipment and the people around is happily counting the money that's just fallen out of the sky for him. At my expense of course. Apparently there isn't enough any more in the client's budget to allow for rain delays.

When it stopped, we made our way back to the building only to be accosted by the security people. This, despite D having been there countless times for meetings and negotiations; despite having an appointment; and despite having a deadline that the client's aware of.

No, you can't pass because you haven't exchanged your ICs for the building pass.

It's lunch. There isn't anyone manning the security booth, we protest in vain.

Nope, gotta exchange those pesky passes.

Can't you do it?

Nope, not my job. (Mine's just to stand here and look self-important because this is about the only job I'll ever be qualified to hold.)

The client's waiting for us.


So we call the client who chooses this time, also, to remain incommunicado.


I'm going to have to go back there again tomorrow (or whenever the sun decides to be merciless). This should so end.

And quickly.


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