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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Been thinking a lot more about the whole theft incident and something that the client said yesterday had been festering in my mind, only to be given an airing today:

The client said something about someone else who works in the same area losing her phone as well. Said it as a matter of fact, and stated matter of factly. Which got me thinking: you have staff losing their things, but no one's done anything about it? No wonder one of the things I had to shoot was a class being conducted to teach staff how to 'up' their enthusiasm. Are we really that apathetic?

Can we say low morale?

Still trying to get used to my new phone. Keys are a little smaller than what I've been used to, the interface has changed slightly and I'm still trying to recompile my phone book (which reminds me, if you know me, please send me an email with your number).


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