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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Conversations with the Choo's

Or Chu's, or Chew's, whichever way you spell it, and depending on the dialect group you belong to.

So I'm told that there's a hearing problem that runs in that blood, by one of them, no less. In less than half an hour at the nasi lemak place down the street from where the movie's being edited, I got some pretty good gems:

Example One

Chu: "So here we are, like Jay and Silent Bob..."

Choo: "Gays in Singapore?!"

Example Two:

Choo: "I ate so much for dinner, my back hurts."

Chu: "You're pregnant?!"

Example Three:

Laser (not a Choo): "S is going to train in Thailand for three months."

Choo: "S is going to Tel Aviv to train?!"

Example Four:

When asked whether she'd be at the concert tomorrow:

Choo: "I'm backstage."

Chu: "Your back itch?"

Much eye-rolling.


There isn't an image available because my mobile phonecam decided to crap out on me*, but SDN 8333 R, I don't see a handicap decal on your car, so why are you parked in the lot reserved for handicapped people?

Tsk. Tsk.

* Which is just as well my plan for this phone ends in about a month's time. 30 days to go before I get to fling it against a hard object because it's seriously not up to the usual standards of a Nokia anymore.


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