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Monday, July 31, 2006


I lost my mobile phone today. Yeah, the one I've been complaining about to everyone who still cares to listen. The one that doesn't take photos when it's supposed to because somehow 'the phone's memory is full; please close some applications before trying again.' The one whose buttons don't work all the time. And the one with the really, really unintuitive interface.

Truth be told, good riddance.

But to be more accurate, some wanker walked away with it. At a shoot. While I was talking to the design director and my assistant was talking with the client - all of us within a hop, step and jump away from spotting the culprits. In the middle of a busy atrium, with other witnesses within 2 metres of the crime scene.

And I'm pissed.

For the audacity. For more than that, for the mindset that everything left unattended (even momentarily - it was a split-second thing) is up for grabs. For thinking [wrongly] that it would be worth less of a hassle to have the phone replaced than to go through making a police report.

Well, here's the news. I didn't let it go when someone walked into the guardroom during my NS days and made off with the bus stamp from my concession pass and I'm sure as hell not letting it go when, what happened today, happened in front of witnesses and no less than three CCTVs in the area.

So, yeah, wanker. The both of you. I coming for you. I'm not letting it go. And for something I don't really care about anymore...

Think about that.


In the meantime, meet my new phone.


  • At 8:30 AM, August 02, 2006, Blogger pAnDaR~ said…

    ooo lol... i am sorry at your loss, but it seems you have found the perfect reason to get a good phone.

    just to put in my 2 cents worth though... i am a nokia phone user, and i found that nokia camera phones doesn't seem to have "working" flashes. they say it's weak, but i have as yet see that it even flashes on any phones.

    that said, we haven't got n73 here at all, so perhaps it's a better thing! (we only just got Sony Ericsson K800i here :P)

    well, good luck with those thieves, and torture them good!


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