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Monday, August 14, 2006



Been on the film set for the last two days, but even before that I've been stuck in between the pain of a writer's block and acute hypergraphia. But I'm glad to report that the movie is finally complete. (This season's worth of work, that is...) Episode 5 is up and running, by the way.

Last night at 1 a.m., to be specific, was when we wrapped. It was another two hours before I finished downloading the images, showered and went to bed.

Good to have one weight off my shoulders.


In other news:

Because I've stopped the rags that pass off as newspapers in this country, I missed the report on the morons who have jammed up the ECP in more ways than thought possible here.

Apparently there was a report on The New Paper last Friday about the throngs of Darwinistic clowns who clogged up the highway even more badly than they did on the first night.

Good to see that the reporters here are good for something after all.


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