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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


You know you're ready to quit the island when you come across this on a Saturday night: hundreds of morons stopped by the left side of the ECP, leading to the Rochor Road off-ramp, just to catch a glimpse of the fireworks. Get over it people. It's just bright lights in a darkened sky. Whack yourselves over the head with a two-by-four and you'll pretty much get the same thing. Which is probably what these drivers have been doing, I guess, biding their next time waiting for when they get to see the pretty colours, given their states of mind to even consider stopping on an expressway in a manner so inconsiderate and dangerous.

MP 001

Morons started near the Fort Road entrance already. Which is kinda strange, and stupid, because the view there is blocked by trees and the construction in the area.

MP 002

Idiot in the red car almost lost his door. He didn't even check before opening it on the side of the busy expressway.

MP 003

And this one... he'd probably not known what was going on until the first fireworks lit up the sky. Then he pulled over immediately at the end of the line of cars, to ogle.

(I kept wishing for a repeat of the Marine Corps Sand Diego incident, or to be closer to home, another accident involving that cement mixer and the poor lady whose car broke down in the shoulder - not cruel, just a firm believer in Darwinism: if you're too stupid to pass on your genes, your line should end with you.)

And then, the next morning, I have to go somewhere along Paya Lebar Road for the movie (we're shooting pickups) and what do I see? Three churches in a row, and the parking situation isn't that much different:

MP 004

Ah yes... I remember something about the laws of man and the laws of God. I guess the former doesn't apply here. Hey there's not enough parking in the church compound itself. And I can't miss the service! God would be very upset if I didn't do everything in my power not to miss the first part of the service. Park further down? I don't care about my suspension! God will reward me with a bigger car in Heaven! Traffic laws? Pfffft!


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