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Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Life in 2006

Guess, like the missus, I'm going to make this an annual thing (as long as I remember):

Figured I should start the ball rolling for 2006 before I lapse too much. When you're four tables away from me, you shouldn't be chewing your food with your mouth open and loud enough that I can hear you... Like this pigeon I found at the foot of our block recently - I do hope it's one of the neighbourhood cats that did this; better than the scary H5N1 that's going around - my hopes of getting to vote have been dashed. You'd think that with all the hands-free sets out there, and the availability of bluetooth sets - some with enough funky flashing blue lights to give even a closet beng heavy wet dreams - people would learn to drive without having to resort to actually holding the mobile phone to their ear. In the meantime, while I make plans for the next couple of weeks before I leave for Japan, more images from the two days on Ubin. 10 years as a short story. "... whatever card also can! As long as there's a card!" Been thinking a lot more about the whole theft incident and something that the client said yesterday had been festering in my mind, only to be given an airing today. Made the mistake of answering a doorbell in the afternoon yesterday. Or 'cover-up' (and a good reason not to be home this evening). Was minding my own business catching on things happening in the school with a colleague (ex-colleague, that is) when this came in: "Don't be left behind! Even Ministers blog! The new wave is Mobile Blogging! Now you can post to your blog site from your phone. Register at..." Becoming Royston is sold out.

I might be wrong, but I think there're more words here... I gotta start writing shorter sentences.


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