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Friday, November 24, 2006

Ah, Real Life

In the studio now, going through the language for the subtitles for the feature-length version of the movie when it gets shown at the AFFF - where it is the Closing Film for the Festival and will be shown at the Arts House on 5 December, 7.30 pm.

Then it's Awards Night on the Sixth. Time to go look for something more formal than what I've been wearing for the last three years.

(And if you click on the link to the movie synopsis and all that, I'd like to clarify that I turned to photography full-time in 2003 and not scriptwriting as stated. Yeesh!)

The movie's also going to appear, in its 30-minute short film version, at the Jakarta International Film Fest (JIFF) where Babel is the Opening Film.

How stressful is that?

Still, I think everyone's kinda happy that the movie is getting three screenings during that Festival.

In the meantime, this is my online reminder for the missus to print out the application forms (which apparently have not been submitted - even though it had been agreed that we'd do it on 1 Nov):


Yeah, let's stop with the lies already.


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