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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not Quite The Best Morning

Timbre 05

But it was a damn good night.

Little wonder since I was slightly (only slightly) smashed last night. Let's see:

1 x pint Erdinger Dunkel
5 x pints Guinness
4 x mugs Heineken
2 x glasses Merlot
3 x shots Tequila

Timbre 07

And the band. Who had a number of musicians from other bands (and even the guy who makes the pizzas at Timbre) playing with them through the night.

Timbre 03

And the birthday boy who gamely got up on stage to sing U2's 'One'.

And the afternoon wasn't too bad either: 'V For Vendetta' on DVD with the Crew on the Fifth of November.

Remember, remember...


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