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Thursday, November 23, 2006


So something before 12.34 pm yesterday, one of my quotations for a job was 'outbid by a very aggressive young photographer who is keen to build up his portfolio'.


Nah. I'm pretty sure it's more like 'underbid'. And 'keen to build up portfolio' sounds like said someone offered to do the job for free. Can't get more outbid than that, I suppose.

Funny how it is that I lose jobs in Singapore because I'm too expensive to be worth the cost, and I lose jobs overseas because I'm too cheap to be good - a.k.a. Reason #11 Why Singapore Sucks and I Wanna Be A Quitter.

Note the difference?

Someone once told me, "In this line of work, you can do a good job, a cheap job or a fast job. But the client can only choose two."

Oh well, c'est la vie. Just as well there's something else that's coming up that might be more interesting, if I can pull it off.

Was interviewed on 93.8 Live yesterday, all the nominees for the Asian First Films thingy. Walked into the booth like a boyband we did, according to R. Yeah, I'm probably the member most likely to end up in rehab.

It was just 15 minutes, which including the traffic report, sponsored by King Koil (doing!), and right about when people'd be just coming back from their lunch breaks and/or taking a nap under their tables.


There's another one today - my fourth - smack in the middle of the day again, and when I'm supposed to be helping with the subtitling for the movie. It's still fewer than what the others have gone through, but I'm not complaining. Hate them. Always have.


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