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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Because I'm up at this strange time of the night watching my team lose:

Write down the first sentence of the first entry in the past twelve months.

... what a few sleepless nights can do for one's attempts to clear one's backlog. I left Singapore on 14 January 2005, ostensibly to 'refind my centre' (as my wife puts it). At 1430 hours, the word comes through our SAF escorts' signal set that we've got to pack up and be ready to leave once the vehicle comes round our neighbourhood. So Glimpses of Light came down on Friday night, no fanfare, no media, just [most of] the people involved in the process from start to sad, unexciting end when the lights got turned off for the last time. If you're a pedigree dog of some sort, and your master can only afford some bits of raffia as a leash, and then insists on walking you some place very public and very embarrassing, I say, run! Haven't been posting because of a very bad case of... well, ennui. There are good things about having shoots that last 7-10 hours for ten days at a time.You know, I like AXN. Breakfast (ok, brunch) at the coffee shop. Ah, it's finally here, my source (membership required) for recommendations for what books to read for the next six months. Haven't posted anything new about Pakistan because of the parties that kinda got in the way and the feeling of disinpiration since the last post. That's right, Rojak.

Hmmm, doesn't seem to make much sense...


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