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Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Amazing Finale

Hmm. Well, congratulations Chip and Kim, I suppose.

Not they're the most loathesome to have won TAR (a certain screeching, whining woman comes to mind), but I was rather rooting for Colin and Christie.

But they paid the price for not working their asses off looking for a better flight, or an alternative flight, as they had done at the start of the season. They got lazy and they got beat, and if the editing hasn't been tweaked too much, they lost only by about five minutes, which is already remarkable considering they were at least twenty minutes behind at one point in time. Still, they should be happy with the five or six holidays they've won just for being first in the legs.

But on the whole, one of the better seasons I've seen in a while. It took a while to get going, but there were enough points of interest to sustain me throughout the season. And finale was just breathtaking: I had the same piece of KFC chicken in my hand for the last twenty minutes of last night's show.

Bring on TAR 6!


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