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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Dubious Parenting

I'll never understand parents who bring their socially-awkward three-year olds (as opposed to the more general kind of the socially-awkward 20-40 year olds) out to restaurants that have food going around the place on conveyor belts, and then leave them alone while they play with the 'colourful bits of food going round and round...'

And I mean "play".

I'm just glad that, by the time it gets to the kid and her uninterested parents, it's already gone by our table and we don't have to deal with whatever bits of food which might have been 'drummed' onto the plate from the kid's chopsticks.


CY flew to Dhaka this evening, his head swimming with horror stories from someone who had gone and spent 7 weeks there earlier this year.

No tears were shed.


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