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Thursday, November 25, 2004


So, it would appear that there are still some people, in this day and age, who have never stepped into a McDonald's in their lives.

Man took the longest time to order food for his family. Enough time that four other people got served at the till that was opened simply because, well, said man took the longest time.

Then again, I wouldn't like having the same man in any place that requires people to be civic-minded: one of the two children with him, a toddler, had picked up two straws from the floor. Dirty habit (wouldn't recommend it), but hey, don't tell the kid to take new straws from the dispenser so that she could play with them, and then, taking the soiled straws from the hands of the toddler, toss them back onto the floor.

When he was within reach of a trash bin.

No wonder you don't know how to order from a Mickey-Ds. Your parents don't let you out that often, do they. For good reason.


Paper didn't come in again today. Despite the six phone calls made to supplier since Monday (and each time, the promise that the paper was on its way was made in return).

So, you know, we may be a small customer, buying up, at most, two or three rolls each time, but we do talk to big customers from time to time. How much longer do you think your business will last if you're known to be selective and unreliable?

Yeah, I said 'unreliable'. What else would you call lying to a customer about the status of a delivery?


What a difference.

Spent the entire day at a shoot today (incidentally, I would highly recommend Chestnuts). Really good. Still laughed through tonight's performance despite sitting through the full-dress in the afternoon.

Cast grade: A.

Crew grade: A.

None of that fourth uncle thrice removed bullshit. Felt completely at ease throughout the day. I wanted to stay to take more photos.

Hear that [to whom it may concern]? That's the difference.

Now I'm really looking forward to the show on Saturday for which I actually have tickets for.



Wayne: "In some countries, Garth, marriage is punishment for shoplifting."

Well, for a certain local celebrity, marriage (and taking care of a squalling kid while your celebrity wife has dinner in a fancy place with her folks) is punishment for choosing not to wear protection.

Be warned all ye horny men with great abs.


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