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Saturday, November 20, 2004


I am lagged halfway to fuck and back.

Went in to work today; a short day wherein I meet a client, show him the different treatments for his print, then go home with an idea how he wants the prints to be done. All this, in preparation for Monday's print run. Then I figure, in the meantime, while waiting for said client, I'd just send one other print through to the printer today so I wouldn't have to do that one on Monday. The backlog's long enough as it is.

Usually for something 36" x 36", it takes about two hours on the Epson 9600. My print today was 36" x 20" and it took a total of 3.5 hours. Not by any fault of mine, nor the machines'. No sirree.

What happened was, after the image had been sent to the print queue, I went for lunch with the missus (a quick one, I might add). When I got back to the workplace, someone had started up "Final Cut Express" on the computer I had been using. I'm thinking, WTF? This is the only computer in the digital lab that's linked to the printer and someone's potonged it? But since there wasn't anyone else in the room, I thought nothing of it. Someone checking the availability of the programme, perhaps.

Not so.

Turns out that Dick (just noun, not the Proper Noun) who used the computer had only just stepped out. And back he comes, takes over the computer (again, I say, the only computer that's linked to the printer), and proceeds to edit some movie he shot.



On a computer whose RAM is already pushed to the limit. Appropriately, computer and printer responds by lagging.

What I want to know is: fuckin' computer is on. There's an open window showing 'printing in progress'. There are eleven other machines in the lab, all with Final Cut Express, and not in use, but not on. And you choose to use the one I'm working on, the one that had my stuff all over the computer table, my laptop set up next to it, my chair arranged in a manner that allows me to work on both computers at the same time? How fuckin' clueless are you?

"Uh, I'm using that..."

"Oh, but the printing is already sent right? You won't need this computer anymore..."

Wrong, asswipe. Number one, I work here. Number two, prints are going out to a PAYING customer. Number three, genius boy, RAM doesn't care if I've sent the shit over, RAM only knows that the shit is still running around in its bowels. You, on the other hand, are a freeloader, using the lab at no cost. To edit a home movie. Sucking up RAM. AND not paying me for the additional hour and a half I'm sitting around waiting for something that should already be done. For which job do you think I will give a fuck about?



  • At 2:56 AM, November 21, 2004, Blogger  said…

    aiyo, looks like you've had a tough time. but surely not as tough as i've had with the bat. :-) next time sods quiz call me. i know i don't contribute much, but with N away, it will be a good laugh for me.

  • At 3:48 AM, November 21, 2004, Blogger mb said…

    that was almost poetic, the way it was written. :)

    it goes to show you how many people have no clue about how huge print jobs get sent and the ram/cpu involved (I used to do offline print work, and spending nights waiting for the film to be output from a Mac IIfx was "fun" part of my business).


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