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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Guilty as charged...

The missus has already blogged about my latest obsession, so I won't do it again, except maybe to say, I'm sorry I didn't get into it sooner.

I had the Spearhead Demo on my desktop in school for about two years (I swear, it came with the eMac) but didn't have any use for it in all that time. Now, three years after, I suddenly find myself scouring the 'net for scripts/mods to create bots on my FFA/DM/Obj games (a difficult task considering the platform I'm on - last I heard, the manufacturers were only going to release the editing kit for Mac at retail. RETAIL! The bastards...) so that we, the guilty, weren't limited to just killing one another.

It's been so addictive so far that we're considering making it more regular. Especially with the wireless network I've got set up at home, we can take up to eight players, all in the same room (four on wireless - here's where the built-in Airports for Macs come in handy - and four linked to the modem on ethernet cables). How's that for making it more accessible to all?

We just need everyone to have the original game set up and we're good-to-go.

But. Enough about that.


Saw The Incredibles this long weekend.


PIXAR still ranks as my fave animation studio. Shark Tale? Pppffft! I think the ship for ocean-based animation features sailed last year.


Had a better steak last night too. Dinner and beer was at Brewerkz before the movie.

What's it with restaurants now though? Even here, there were kids running loose in the place. At least, this weekend, sitting outside, breathing in the second-hand smoke had its advantages. The missus thought it had to do with the holiday and all. I'm thinking, what the hell? Take your kids someplace else.

Good steak. Good beer. And if we added the aforementioned movie to the equation, and the score from the midnight game, a very good night indeed.


Nothing like an extra long weekend to make me feel supremely unproductive. But, normal services resume tomorrow (today), and I should have four more prints done by the time I leave for the RDA Quiz at Sods.


Two (one) more days to TAR6! Woohoo!


First Chivas Regal. Now Remy Martin. I guess cognac companies are reaching out to a different demographic.

But, just for the record, Remy Martin people? "It's" means "it is"; "its" is the word you're looking for on your TV ads. Fire whoever you paid to produce the ad because whatever class you wanted just went out with the leftovers and pizza boxes.


Forgot to mention. All the kinks in the business website have been ironed out (and yes, Neil, I think I can forgo the business from people who don't have the Flash plug-ins on their work machines - yeesh, if they don't have that, they're not going to have the savviness to deal with me) and it's up and running. As close to what I'd wanted as possible, that is.

So, it's as complete as it'll ever get. The next update will probably be in three months.


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