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Thursday, March 31, 2005

TAR Update Ver 7.3 (or "Who throws a spear like a sissy-boy?")

"And get some deodorant; we're running low!"

"Go back home, give mom a great big hug, etc, etc..."

How do you not like the brothers? Which means, all else being equal (and following in the tradition of me liking the teams that don't win in the end - apart from Rob and Brennan... a long, long time ago), they won't be winning the race.


Speaking of the brothers, can I crucify Rob now? How does one just drive by and not stop when there's been an accident. At least check on the guys, for cryin' out loud. But no, "There was no way we were stopping. It’s a competition."

And the brothers didn't even want people to stop and stay too long...

The fucking excuses people will use to conceal their own shortcomings. "Who's calling who a 'great con artist' now?"

You were nice?

And Ray and Deana? I guess Karma came for you.


  • At 9:23 AM, April 01, 2005, Blogger Kiv said…

    I was actually more pissed by the fact that he suggested the old man staged his own wife's accident to gain sympathy points. What an awful thing to say!!! He has to understand that he's probably the only one capable of stooping to that level.


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