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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Another Rainy Night

The apple falls not far from the tree.

Not the weather outside, but the song I have playing at the moment.

Another night and the flat is still empty. I don't know, back in my day, evening runs don't last longer than two hours, unless it's a marathon, and student productions don't go past midnight. On a school night.

Just back from dinner and drinks with Wes (then later with Darren and friend) and more things have been cleared up. I fear I've been a tad too laissez-faire in the past two years of doing this. Should really get off my ass and set out a plan or something.

Nursed a headache and slight fever most of today... I blame the teh tarik that kept me up till 6 in the morning. Still wide awake now, despite the three pints of Guinness I downed at Sods.

The preparations for the show this Friday are winding down, and my role appears to be nearly over - just some odd changes here and there for the slideshow, and the set-up itself, and I'll be done.

So tired.

Of everything.

Of trying too hard and getting fuck-all in return.

I'm not excited about the show. Not one bit. If not for the networking it affords, I would so give the whole thing a miss. And I can't even leave the country for the long weekend; the folks are sailing again, and I have to bring in the newspapers and feed the fish.

Someone told me today I sound like I'm getting my mid-life crisis (actually she said "something past the quarter life, but not quite mid-life crisis"). Am feeling restless again, the same thing just prior to the Meulaboh trip.

I'll probably sleep at 6 am again. Why bother tossing and turning in bed when I know I won't doze off?

How did it come to this?


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