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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Randomness After the High

About Town #1
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Was in a cab yesterday, on the way to a shoot, when I first noticed the interview going on over the radio. Chinese language radio station. Two people talking, the male voice a little camp. Interviewing a model. Monosyllabic answers from her. DJs doing most of the talking when they what they actually wanted was to "跟她聊天".

I don't think so.


Then while at the shoot, I find out that one of the images from a shoot I'd done earlier is going to be blown up to 22 metres by 10 metres... at 3 dpi.



While still at the shoot, I go down to the car park to grab something and while waiting at the B3 lift lobby to go back up, strange woman comes up through the stairway (there's only one more sub-basement after B3), stalks up to the lift buttons, stabs repeatedly at it for as long as the lift took to come down. Then when the lift does come after 4 minutes, she presses the button for B2.

Again. Boggle.

About Town #2
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It can't be easy being one of those guys trying to raise the awareness of the public to cyclists in this country when he/ she is constantly undermined by chuckleheads like the three I saw go by me outside Siglap South CC after sunset on bikes without lights, reflectors and in dark clothing.

About Town #3
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