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Monday, May 16, 2005


Just told a client that the rates they're more willing to swallow aren't worth my time to go down for the shoot.

Thought it'll be more years before I get to do that.

Clarification, added on 17 May 2005, 00:52 hours:

(Just so I don't sound like a complete twat.)

The job was to cover an event - an attractive one for a geekfan like me, actually, seeing that it has to do with the 'event' opening this Thursday. Client was only willing to cough up 45% of what I would normally charge per hour. And for two hours only.
And that's excluding the time I'll spend printing out what I've shot in the first two hours, so the VVIPs and VIPs and, most likely, poseur-'fans' can get their pictures as they leave... No word on covering transport expenses or other goodies.

(And, seeing that I've also recently done something like this, I
know how much work goes into it, definitely not worth my time.)


This is tempting much.

The missus set me a choice: a much-needed holiday in June, or a geek toy.

Still undecided.


More bad cabbing experiences:

1. The last three I had had cabbies who had trouble telling the difference between right and left: "You want me to go left [points right] or right [points left]?"

2. Worst cab ride ever. Today. Came out feeling like I just went through the adult version of Mr Toad's Wild Ride. Queasy much.


The irony of it: Philip Morris of Singapore contributes to the endowment fund of a local hospital.


And finally:

Dude, just because you wear a long-sleeved shirt that's dark olive drab, doesn't mean you have to fold the sleeves like it's a no. 4 uniform.


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