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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Went to R's party at Ean Kiam last night. Quite a blast, and quite the turnout too - even Zeus made an appearance, albeit a short one because even gods need to go home to sleep to prepare for a long drive north tomorrow.

Of course, at anything with a number of photographers, someone had to bring out the lights and the cameras:

Obiang 00
Originally uploaded by Terz.

So what started off as just a night for people come dressed in clothes of their parents' generation, turned into a fashion shoot right in the middle of the street. Just as well the party was jointly organised by all the production and design houses along the street, so everyone who was there was involved in the party and was highly unlikely to be calling the cops at any time.

At the end of the night, the winner was a simple choice: someone who'd come as Zoe Tay, circa 1985 - dunno her name; if R or anyone else can supply it, I'd be most grateful.

Anyways, as with most gatherings at this time of the year, this one's another opportunity for people to get together to talk about everything that's happened in our lives lately. Best thing about this: there are a couple more gatherings coming up next week for us to talk more and to drink ourselves into a stupor.

I love Christmas.


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