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Friday, September 24, 2004

The Little Black Car Who Thought He Could

... well, he couldn't.

To the driver: I don't care if you're driving a 'coupe' which bears a pseudo-Italian name, which might have made you think it's a different sort of racehorse of Milanese descent, because underneath it all, it's still a Korean nag. So what makes you think that you could beat that cement truck bearing down on the lane you wanted to cut across? I, for one, wouldn't put that much trust in the thrust of that car's engine to bear me quickly and safely out of the way of something as large and heavy as a cement truck.

And then to stand in the middle of rush hour traffic to the pitying gazes of the drivers and pedestrians going by trying to sort out the mess...

Man, your ego must have taken a real beating last night.


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