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Monday, September 27, 2004

Road Idiots

Just out to get dinner and already I run into two idiots on the road:

The first, a Pizza Hut delivery man, who beat the red light, narrowly missing my left foot as he made a sharp left turn at full speed, at my second crossing. Someone told me that Pizza Hut now has a number on the back of each scooter that allows us all to call them if riders aren't obeying traffic laws or just plain riding badly? The guy zipped me by me too quickly for me to note anything other than his license plate number, so if someone else can pass me the phone number, or better yet, make the call for me: the license plate number is FY2641J. Incident was at 19:15 hours.

Then barely 3 minutes later, I see a black Mercedes pull out and the entire Chinese family (complete with three kids in the back seat) in it didn't have their seat belts on. Do we really need another serious accident to make people realise that they have a bigger role to play in preventing serious injuries in accidents? Sheesh. So, driver of EW182C, you are a moron. And an irresponsible parent.


On the other hand, had an extremely good day at the shoot yesterday. Beginning to find my footing, thinking more about different angles and working the subjects harder.


cages still life #5
Originally uploaded by Terz.

(above) Yesterday's photo and today's...

cages still life #6
Originally uploaded by Terz.


Am staying home for the next three days while my new pair of glasses are being created in the shop. So if anyone wants to visit, play with Photoshop on PowerBook, you're welcomed to. Bring a six-pack of beer as your admission fee.


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