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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Cheaters Potentially?

Been reading Beeker's entry about the cabbie who tried to cheat him of his money and wondering if I've been gypped the last couple of cab rides...

Does anyone else suspect when there is more than one stop for the cabbie to make (when friends share a cab), said cabbie seems to take the longer route?

Without fail?

Happened again to me today when the cabbie, when told that he would have to make two stops, first at Parkway Parade and next, at Simei, took Geylang and then Tanjong Katong, from Beach Road, instead of hitting the ECP right away. And somewhat like Beeker's cheating cabbie, this one, who was driving a Comfort cab, had a driver information card belonging to someone who's supposed to drive a Yellow Top Cab.

Funny if everyone else feels the same way...


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