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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Plus two

Paid a cab fare with my Visa card for the first time ever on Tuesday (had to, the MRT station was closed so I didn't have access to the ATM in the station; and honestly, Raffles Hotel was a bit too far to walk to at that time of the night and after a whole day's work, or non-work as it was).

It's amazing I haven't tried it before, especially since, in the world of cabbies, a $50 note isn't legal tender. Would have saved having to stand at the ATM and withdrawing two batches of $40 so that I would have ten-dollar notes for them.

Anyway, it was rather painless. And fast too.

One more option to consider.


Back to the Mickey-D's.

I was wondering if the manufacturers of the current batch of stuffed toys for the Happy Meals ever watched 'The Incredibles' in the first place. I mean, have you seen the bod on Mr Incredible?

The stuffed toy had the abs worthy of an aforementioned local celebrity.


We'd do anything for merchandising.


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